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Improving treatment options for childhood psoriasis
Improving treatment options for childhood psoriasis

EADV Virtual 2020

Read time: 30 mins
Last updated:9th Nov 2020
Published:9th Nov 2020

EADV Virtual 2020: Paediatric Psoriasis - Full clearance can be up to you

Can paediatric patients, like Mia, with moderate-to-severe psoriasis achieve full clearance? Find out how the introduction of new biologic treatments in clinical practice can improve the quality of life of your patients. Watch the footage from the symposium and download their slide decks!

Join our young psoriasis patient Mia and our team of experts for this EACCME™ accredited, independently led symposium that explores the dangers of undertreatment in paediatric patients, the safety profile of modern biologic treatments and the improved efficacy of new anti-IL-17 and anti-IL-23 targeted treatments.

The dangers of undertreatment in paediatric psoriasis

Follow our patient Mia’s journey, as Professor Marieke Seyger shares the major impact of paediatric psoriasis on quality of life, the common comorbidities and challenges of treating this disease. Also find out how undertreatment could facilitate psoriatic march and see the evidence supporting early and effective disease control in paediatric psoriasis.

What is playing safe in paediatric psoriasis?

As Mia continues her journey, Professor Tiago Torres discusses the main goals of paediatric psoriasis management and the evolving treatment landscape in adult and paediatric patients. Learn about the drawbacks of conventional systemic treatments and the safety of modern biologic treatments as well as recently approved IL-17 inhibitors and therapies currently in phase 3 clinical trials.

PASI 75 is not enough

Find out how Mia’s journey ends, as Professor Amy Paller discusses the need to aim higher than Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) 75 for paediatric patients for improved quality of life. Discover the efficacy of currently used treatments, the latest efficacy data for approved biologics and the biologic treatments currently in clinical trials.


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