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AbbVie resolves Humira U.S. patent litigation with Alvotech.

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Published:10th Mar 2022

Under the terms of a patent dispute resolution, AbbVie will grant Alvotech a non-exclusive license to its HUMIRA-related patents in the United States, which will begin on July 1, 2023. AbbVie will make no payments of any form to Alvotech, and Alvotech will pay royalties to AbbVie for licensing its Humira patents and acknowledges the validity and enforceability of the licensed patents.

The resolution includes dismissal of the patent and trade secret litigation between AbbVie and Alvotech.

Humira's protection will run out in 2023 when AbbVie which has negotiated licenses with 10 biosimilar developers will allow the marketing of copycat versions. The first, from Amgen, can launch beginning J31 January 2023


Condition: RA/AnkSpon/Crohns/UC/PsA/Ps
Type: drug

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