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FDA approves Nextstellis for contraception.- Mayne Pharma

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Published:19th Apr 2021
Mayne Pharma announced that the FDA has approved Nextstellis (3 mg drospirenone [DRSP] and 14.2 mg estetrol [E4] tablets) for the prevention of pregnancy. Nextstellis is the first and only contraceptive pill containing E4, a naturally occurring estrogen, now produced from a plant source, with a unique mechanism of action that offers potential advantages over other estrogens. The comprehensive Nextstellis clinical study program included a diverse patient population with women both starting and switching birth control as well as patients with a body mass index (BMI) of up to 35 kg/m2. According to phase 3 study findings, Nextstellis demonstrated contraceptive efficacy across all subgroups by age, BMI1 and prior hormonal contraception use. Nextstellis was also associated with a favorable bleeding profile and low rates of breakthrough bleeding, including in cycle 1.
Condition: Contraception
Type: drug

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