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Declaration of sponsorship Novartis Pharma AG
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Last updated:7th Dec 2020
Published:23th Dec 2020

Webinar: Achieving long-term outcome in renal transplantation - what’s on the horizon?

Launching March 2021! Watch our live webinar (pending EACCME™ accreditation) on ‘Achieving long-term outcome in renal transplantation-what’s on the horizon?’, chaired by Professor Julio Pascual with contributions from our experts Professor Stefan Berger, Professor Helio Tedesco Silva and Dr Olivier Aubert.

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Live Webinar Agenda

Transplantation Webinar Agenda
Achieving long-term outcome in renal transplantation- what’s on the horizon?
18th March 2021, Two live sessions: time 3pm CET and 8pm CET
Chair: Professor Julio Pascual
Welcome and introductions Professor Julio Pascual
Where are we now? Edging toward a CNI-free immunosuppressant regime in renal transplantation Professor Stefan Berger
Current immunosuppressive strategies for reducing CNI use in renal transplantation Professor Helio Tedesco Silva
Can predictive tools help to achieve long-term kidney graft survival? Dr Olivier Aubert
Q&A discussion All, chaired by Professor Julio Pascual
Closing statements Professor Julio Pascual

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This concise and timely webinar brings you the unique opportunity to gain insights into where we are at with CNI-free immunosuppressive regimes for renal transplantation and how new predictive tools can help achieve long-term kidney graft survival.

An unmissable opportunity to gain expert perspectives on renal transplantation

Together our experts, Professor Julio Pascal, Professor Stefan Berger, Professor Helio Tedesco Silva and Dr Olivier Aubert discuss the current unmet needs for renal transplantation and the importance of moving towards a CNI-free immunosuppressive treatment regime for achieving long-term renal transplant survival. The clinical data and guideline recommendations that support new immunosuppressive strategies that enable longer survival of renal transplants will be discussed, and an overview of the progress and value of predictive clinical decision support systems will be given.

Our experts will also come together for a Q&A discussion, where they will discuss a realistic patient case study and answer questions. Don’t miss out!


Professor Julio Pascual

Professor Pascual is the Chief at the Nephrology Department and Kidney Transplantation at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, Spain. He is also the Chief of the Kidney Diseases Research Group at the Biomedical Research Park in Barcelona. Professor Pascual completed a fellowship in Research and Transplantation at the University of Wisconsin, USA, in 2006-2007.

Professor Stefan Berger

Professor Berger is a nephrologist and director of the kidney and pancreas transplant program at UMCG. He is a member of the board of the Groningen Transplant Centre and chair of the Dutch Kidney Transplantation Advisory Committee.

Professor Helio Tedesco Silva

Helio Tedesco Silva is a Professor at the Nephrology Division of Hospital Do Rim at the Federal University of São Paulo. Helio obtained his medical degree in 1984 at the Paulista School of Medicine, Federal University of São Paulo and pursued postgraduate studies to obtain his PhD in Nephrology in 1994.

Dr Olivier Aubert

Dr Olivier Aubert in a nephrologist at the Department of Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation at Necker Hospital in Paris, France. He joined the Paris Transplant Group in 2012. He defended his M.D in 2014 and his PhD in biostatistics and epidemiology in 2017.

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Session timings

Session 1
Session 1: For US and Asia audiences
US and Asia - if your country is not listed below please look up corresponding time
US EST (Washington/New York/Canada) = 9am
CST (Chicago) = 8am
MST (Salt Lake City) = 7am
PST (Los Angeles) = 6am
Asia Pakistan = 7pm
India = 7:30pm
Bangladesh = 8pm
Indonesia/Thailand = 9pm
China/Singapore/Philippines = 10pm


Session 2
Session 2: For US and EU audiences
EU and US - if your country is not listed below please look up corresponding time
US EST (Washington/New York/Canada) = 2pm
CST (Chicago) = 1pm
MST (Salt Lake City) = 12pm
PST (Los Angeles) = 11am
Europe UK = 7pm
CET = 8pm
Greece = 9pm
Turkey = 10pm

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