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Psoriasis Academy

EADV 2019

Read time: 80 mins

Psoriasis: Watch satellite symposium highlights from EADV 2019 (in collaboration with Almirall)

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Mind the gap - the benefits of modern biologic treatment

Professor Piaserico gives a detailed explanation of the role of the different cytokines in the pathogenesis of psoriasis and why targeting IL-23 might be more favourable than targeting IL-17. He also discusses the most important drug characteristics for patients with psoriasis and the need to consider what happens when stopping treatment.


En route to long-term control?

Professor Thaçi gives a detailed history of the progress in scientific understanding that has led to the current diverse range of targeted therapies for psoriasis. He presents the data that shows that IL-23 inhibition is more appropriate for long-term disease control and asks whether remission is possible?


Targeting safety in treatment decisions

Professor Puig explores the safety profile of treatments targeting TNFα, IL-12/23, IL-23 and IL-17. Find out from clinical trial and registry data the extent of the risks associated with these targets and how these risks should inform your treatment decisions.


Navigating the options: which way will you go?

Meet Maria, a very frustrated patient in need of a treatment decision. Find out what treatment target would be best for Maria and why from our experts.


Presented at the 2019 EADV Congress in Madrid, 'Biologics in moderate to severe psoriasis: discover the road to long-term control' saw our expert faculty of Professor Diamant Thaçi as the chair, and two additional speakers, Professor Stefano Piaserico and Professor Luis Puig give their views on what treatments they would select for certain patients with history of malignancy or serious infection and heart failure. 

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