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Oncotelic Therapeutics inc. announces positive top line data from ARTI-19 clinical trial evaluating PulmoHeal for COVID 19..

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Last updated:24th Sep 2021
Published:22nd Apr 2021
Oncotelic Therapeutics, Inc. a leading developer of TGF-beta therapeutics for oncology and COVID-19, reports positive top line data from its COVID-19 clinical trial, ARTI-19, evaluating PulmoHeal against COVID-19 in India. PulmoHeal is being developed by Oncotelic, in partnership with Windlas Biotech Private Limited. We have shown that the active component of PulmoHeal is active against the influenza virus, which is consistent with the broad-spectrum activity for PulmoHeal and which is confirmed by its reported activity against multiple variants of SARS-CoV2: WT (USA/WA12020) SARS-CoV-2 and variants, B1.1.7 and B1.351. The top line data for ARTI-19 are as follow: i No adverse events were reported that required discontinuation of treatment. ii. PulmoHeal , when added to the standard of care (SOC), accelerated the recovery of patients with mild to moderate COVID-19, across all COVID-19 symptoms examined. iii. 91% of WHO-4 patients achieved a reduction to WHO-3 on the first few doses of PulmoHeal, p = 0.0037 (n= 56 / PulmoHeal + SOC vs n= 25 / SOC). iv. All vitals were normalized by the end of the 28-day monitoring period. v. Most importantly, oxygen (O2) saturation fully recovered by day-28 with PulmoHeal + SOC (p=0.0003), but not with SOC alone (p=ns). vi.The number of patients with O2 saturation < 95% reduced by 91% when treated with PulmoHeal + SOC. vii. In contrast, treatment with SOC alone only resulted in a 31% reduction. viii.Similarly, respiratory rate fully recovered by day-28 with PulmoHeal + SOC (p<0.0001) but not with soc alone (ns). soc - standard of care included remdesivir, dexamethasone, heparin, ivermectin and others. "covid-19 symptoms can sometimes persist for a long time due to substantial scarring of the targeted organs, including the lung. this aspect of covid-19 therapy is very often neglected. here we are seeing a full recovery of normal lung functions (o2 saturation and respiratory rate) when treated with pulmoheal." said saran saund, cbo and gm of ai division, oncotelic. the drug pulmoheal, a broad-spectrum, lung therapy food supplement s supported by a multi-center rigorous clinical study that has demonstrated efficacy against the viral respiratory infection- covid-19;>
Condition: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Infection
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