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Psoriasis Academy

Industry-sponsored symposia

Read time: 50 mins
Last updated:23rd May 2022
Published:23rd May 2022

Learn more about the role of topical therapy in psoriasis management, including:

  • Patient perspectives with Professor Peter van de Kerkhof
  • Real-world experience of long-term topical treatment with Dr Andreas Pinter
  • The psychosocial impact of psoriasis and importance of improving treatment adherence with Professor Anthony Bewley

This content is from the Almirall-sponsored symposium ‘Tailoring topical psoriasis treatments to patients’ needs and expectations’, presented at the EADV Virtual Congress 2021. This symposium was created in collaboration with the expert faculty and is intended for health care professionals only.

Watch the full Almirall-sponsored symposium ‘Tailoring topical psoriasis treatments to patients’ needs and expectations’ below, for expert insights into the optimisation of topical treatment in people living with psoriasis.

Short of time? Watch bitesize symposium highlights below.

Are we providing patients with adequate treatment for their psoriasis?

What is the burden of disease among people with psoriasis?

What is the role of topical treatment in the management of psoriasis?

What does real-world evidence tell us about long-term topical treatment of psoriasis?

What are the benefits of combining topical and systemic therapy in psoriasis?

Can topical therapies be used to treat severe forms of psoriasis?

Topical therapy for psoriasis: current knowledge and future research

What can be the role of dermatologists in the psychological aspects of psoriasis?

Why is shared decision-making important when selecting a topical treatment for psoriasis?

What can be done to remove barriers to treatment adherence in people with psoriasis?

How has CAL/BDP PAD™ cream performed in clinical trials?

Dr Anthony Bewley Summary

Q&A discussion


For various reasons, many patients fail to adhere to topical treatment regimens for their psoriasis. These videos explore the role of topical therapy in psoriasis management and how these therapies can be tailored to meet the needs and expectations of patients. This includes an overview of current management strategies and the development of new topical formulations, as well as real-world evidence on the use of topical treatments, and insights into the dermatologist’s role in the prevention and management of psychological comorbidities in psoriasis.

Meet the Experts

Professor Peter van de KerkhofProfessor Peter van de Kerkhof

Senior Professor of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Professor Van de Kerkhof is also Chief Medical Officer of the International Psoriasis Council.



Dr Andreas PinterDr Andreas Pinter

Medical Director of Clinical Research and Senior Physician at the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital of Frankfurt am Main.



Professor Anthony BewleyProfessor Anthony Bewley

Consultant Dermatologist at Whipps Cross and Barts. Professor Bewley is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary Medical School, University of London.


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