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Molecular diagnostics for RET inhibition in NSCLC and thyroid cancers

Publication digest

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Last updated:17th Jan 2022
Published:17th Jan 2022

Take a deep dive into our publication digests to learn more about RET inhibitors and their impact on the treatment and management of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and thyroid cancers.

  • Explore the clinical evidence for RET inhibitors
  • Discover how testing for RET alterations impacts treatment
  • Find out more about molecular screening strategies to detect RET alterations

Identification of NTRK and RET fusion-positive thyroid cancers

Find out more on integrated molecular stratification strategies that can help identify patients who may benefit from RET or NTRK inhibitor treatment.

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RET, driver genes, and brain metastases in NSCLC

Next-generation sequencing analysis of a number of potential driver gene mutations uncovered potential risk factors for brain metastases in NSCLC.

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Imaging in NSCLC with RET rearrangements

Discover how RET+ NSCLC may show patterns of metastases and imaging features that are distinct from other mutations like ALK and ROS1.

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Efficacy of Selpercatinib in RET Fusion-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Explore our publication digest for the evidence of antitumour activity demonstrated by selpercatinib in patients with RET fusion-positive NSCLC, including intracranial response to this targeted treatment.

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