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Declaration of sponsorship Novartis Pharma AG

CVM Webinar Highlights

Declaration of sponsorship Novartis Pharma AG
Read time: 10 mins
Last updated:10th Feb 2021
Published:16th Nov 2020

In this brief expert Q&A session with Dr Kevin Fernando, Professor Melanie Davies, and Professor Luis Ruilope, they answer your burning questions on:

  • Primary goals when treating the patient
  • Evidence for combination therapies
  • The evolving role of the cardiologist, and more!

Navigate to each question using the chapter buttons on the video:

  1. Are the primary goals of the cardiologist and endocrinologist always the same when treating a patient with hypertension and diabetes? (00:18-02:36)
  2. Does the VERIFY study clearly show evidence that combination therapy should be considered when managing patients with T2D? (02:37-04:15)
  3. Do SGLT2i have cardiovascular, or other benefits, outside of glycaemic control in T2D patients? (04:16-05:12)
  4. Should the role of the cardiologist evolve to have preventative strategies and management of TD2 as an integral part of their practice? (05:13-end)

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