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Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus: immunobiology, oncogenesis, and therapy.

Read time: 1 mins
Published:1st Sep 2016
Author: Dittmer DP, Damania B.
Ref.:J Clin Invest. 2016 Sep 1;126(9):3165-75.
DOI:10.1172/JCI84418. Epub 2016 Sep 1.

Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV), also known as human herpesvirus 8, is the etiologic agent underlying Kaposi sarcoma, primary effusion lymphoma, and multicentric Castleman's disease. This human gammaherpesvirus was discovered in 1994 by Drs. Yuan Chang and Patrick Moore. Today, there are over five thousand publications on KSHV and its associated malignancies. In this article, we review recent and ongoing developments in the KSHV field, including molecular mechanisms of KSHV pathogenesis, clinical aspects of KSHV-associated diseases, and current treatments for cancers associated with this virus.


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