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The use of titanium clips in septal surgery for correction and strengthening

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Published:25th Mar 2020
Permanent correction of septal deformities is one of the most difficult and controversial subjects in aesthetic nasal surgery. The main reasons for failure in most of the corrective procedures are either not to weaken the septal cartilage enough to straighten it, or to treat the septum too radically causing iatrogenic deformities or predisposing it to new deformities postoperatively. Our approach to correct septal deformities relies on the principle of strengthening/reinforcing the septal cartilage (with or without some weakening maneuvers to correct the deformities beforehand) with application of titanium hemoclips at some critical locations in septum. Eighty-seven patients operated on between 2007 and 2009 are included in this study. Thirty-six of these patients had combined septo-nasal deformities while the remaining 51 had solely septal deformities. In 30 patients with septo-nasal deformity the technique was proven to be successful. The remaining 6 patients of this group had axial nasal deformity (rather than intrinsic septal problems) and did not respond to our technique successfully. Within four years of follow up, we did not encounter any recurrences, infections, ulcerations or exposure in the mucosa covering the titanium clips. None of the titanium clips were required to be removed for any reasons.

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