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The modified Brostr�m-Gould procedure � Early results using a newly described surgical technique

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Published:25th Mar 2020

Ankle lateral ligament injuries are one of the most common sporting injuries, with the majority being successfully treated conservatively. However, reconstruction is required if this fails. We present the clinical results of a newly described surgical technique of triple-breasting the lateral ligament complex using suture anchors.

Sixteen patients (18 ankles) were treated with this new technique. The mean duration of symptoms was 77 months. The mean follow-up was 25 months. All patients underwent an arthroscopy followed by lateral ligament reconstruction by this new technique. Additional pathology included osteoarthritis (2), ankle impingement due to anterior cheilus (2), osteochondral defects (3) and non-union of fracture of anterior process of calcaneus. Additional procedures above diagnostic arthroscopy, soft tissue debridement and modified Broström–Gould repair included debridement and microfracture (3), open excision of anterior calcaneal process (1) and arthroscopic anterior ankle cheilectomy (2).

At final follow-up, all ankles were subjectively and objectively stable. Mean AOFAS score improved from 53 to 88. This was statistically significant (p?<?0.05). Eight patients had resumed normal pre-injury level of activities (including sports), 8 had some reduction in normal level of activity.

The early results of our modification show it to be safe, successful and comparable with previously published series with all patients having objectively and subjectively stable ankles at final follow-up.

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