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Distribution of CFTR mutations in the Czech population: Positive impact of integrated clinical and laboratory expertise, detection of novel/de novo alleles and relevance for related/derived populations

Read time: 1 mins
Published:25th Mar 2020
Background: This two decade long study presents a comprehensive overview of the CFTR mutation distribution in a representative cohort of 600 Czech CF patients derived from all regions of the Czech Republic. Methods: We examined the most common CF-causing mutations using the Elucigene CF-EU2v1� assay, followed by MLPA, mutation scanning and/or sequencing of the entire CFTR coding region and splice site junctions. Results: We identified 99.5% of all mutations (1194/1200 CFTR alleles) in the Czech CF population. Altogether 91 different CFTR mutations, of which 20 were novel, were detected. One case of de novo mutation and a novel polymorphism was revealed. Conclusion: The commercial assay achieved 90.7%, the MLPA added 1.0% and sequencing increased the detection rate by 7.8%. These comprehensive data provide a basis for the improvement of CF DNA diagnostics and/or newborn screening in our country. In addition, they are relevant to related Central European populations with lower mutation detection rates, as well as to the sizeable North American �Bohemian diaspora�.

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