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  • Coagulation 2006: a modern view of hemostasis.

Coagulation 2006: a modern view of hemostasis.

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Published:1st Feb 2007
Author: Hoffman M, Monroe DM.
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Ref.:Hematol Oncol Clin North Am. 2007;21(1):1-11.
The authors propose that hemostasis occurs in a stepwise process, regulated by cellular components in vivo. The effectiveness of hemostasis in vivo depends not only on the procoagulant reactions but also on the fibrinolytic process. Causes of coagulopathic bleeding include consumption of coagulation factors and platelets, excessive fibrinolysis, hypothermia, and acidosis. Generation of the right amount of thrombin during the coagulation process not only may be essential for effective hemostasis but also may set the stage for effective wound healing.

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