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Guidelines for Hepatitis B & Solid Organ Transplantation

Read time: 1 mins
Last updated:28th Feb 2018
Status: Live
Guidelines for Hepatitis B & Solid Organ Transplantation - British Transplantation Society

Hepatitis B is a common infectious disease that can result in progressive liver damage requiring liver transplantation. Due to the high prevalence of hepatitis B infection worldwide many patients who are transplanted with other solid organs will have either had hepatitis B in the past or have active disease. The availability of a potent vaccine also means that new infections can be prevented. It is, therefore, important that all members of the transplant multidisciplinary team are aware of this infection and that steps are put in place to manage it in the pre-, peri- and post-transplant period. This is the first British Transplantation Society (BTS) guideline on the management of hepatitis B in the transplant setting.

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