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British Association of Dermatologists- guidelines for the management of tinea capitis 2014

Read time: 1 mins
Last updated:8th Jun 2014

The overall objective of this guideline is to provide up-todate, evidence-based recommendations for the management of tinea capitis. This document aims to update and expand on the previous guidelines by (i) offering an appraisal of all relevant literature since January 1999, focusing on any key developments; (ii) addressing important, practical clinical questions relating to the primary guideline objective, i.e. accurate diagnosis and identification of cases; suitable treatment to minimize duration of disease, discomfort and scarring; and limiting spread among other members of the community; (iii) providing guideline recommendations and, where appropriate, some health economic implications (tinea capitis is a common problem in resource-poor settings and therefore treatments that are more easily and cheaply available and applicable to these settings have been factored in); and (iv) discussing potential developments and future directions.
This guideline is presented as a detailed review with highlighted recommendations for practical use in the clinic, in addition to the production of a patient information leaflet.


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