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EACS GUIDELINES Version 11.1- October 2022

Read time: 1 mins
Last updated:1st Oct 2022
Status: Live
European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) Guidelines V11.1

These Guidelines were developed by the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS), a not-for-profit organisation, whose mission is to promote excellence in standards of care, research and education in HIV infection and related co-infections, and to actively engage in the formulation of public health policy, with the aim of reducing the HIV disease burden across Europe.

The EACS Guidelines were first published in 2005, and are currently available, online as a pdf and web-based version, and as a free App for iOS and Android devices. The Guidelines are no longer produced as a printed booklet, but continue to be translated into several different languages.

The Guidelines undergo formal minor revisions annually and major revisions every second year. Interim updates may however also be provide at any time the panels consider it necessary.

The aim of the EACS Guidelines is to provide easily accessible and comprehensive recommendations to clinicians involved in all aspects of care. Unless mentioned otherwise, they always refer to the specific management of people living with HIV.

The EACS Guidelines cover a relatively large and diverse area geographically, with different national levels of access to care. As a natural consequence, the Guidelines aim to cover a relatively wide range of recommendations as opposed to the often more uniform national guidelines.

The 2022 version of the Guidelines includes updates of all existing sections. In order to emphasise person-centered language, the abbreviation PLWH referring to people living with HIV has been deleted throughout the guidelines.

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