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Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction - Guidelines for Best Practice

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Last updated:1st Nov 2012

Oncoplastic techniques for breast reconstruction (BR) are becoming a new standard of care in the management of breast cancer patients. The recently completed National Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Audit (NMBRA) involving more than 18,000 women examined a broad range of clinical and patient-reported outcomes. The Audit also looked at important factors such as information and access to reconstructive services, as well as the level of pain, complications, quality of life and well-being experienced by women following a variety of procedures.

This impressive exercise has generated a comprehensive and unique database of current practice, which has put breast reconstruction under the microscope. Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs) up and down the country strive hard to deliver high quality care; something which was highlighted by the Audit. However, clear variations in pre-operative information, access to services and outcomes have signalled a real need to set new standards of care which describe 'best practice'. These Guidelines are an effort to establish the key elements of best practice in the management of patients considering reconstructive oncoplastic breast surgery (OPBS),
using established techniques to reconstruct the breast after total mastectomy or after partial mastectomy to prevent deformity following breast conservation.


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