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EAACI Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guidelines

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Last updated:9th Jun 2014
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Status: Current
EAACI GUIDELINES - Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis

This book represents a compilation of the output of the EAACI Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guidelines Group. The first section covers food allergy. It is based on three systematic reviews covering the epidemiology, the diagnosis and the management of food allergy; these are presented in four chapters (1.1, 1.2., 1.3, 1.4) that summarise the evidence in these areas. These data have been used to generate the food allergy diagnosis and management guidelines (Chapter 1.5). The second section focuses on prevention. A systematic review of the food allergy prevention literature (Chapter 2.1) was used to develop evidence based prevention guidelines for food allergy (Chapter 2.2). The third section focuses on quality of life in food allergy. A systematic review of the literature (Chapter 3.1) looked for food allergy quality of life instruments that were appropriately developed and validated. These data were used to generate food allergy quality of life guidelines (Chapter 3.2). The fourth section focuses on anaphylaxis. It is imbedded within two systematic reviews of the literature, the first focuses on the epidemiology (Chapter 4.1) and the second on the management of anaphylaxis (Chapter 4.2). These data were then combined to generate guidelines for anaphylaxis (Chapter 4.3). Section 5 focuses on the community where many reactions to foods take place. The last section focuses on the food industry and how it might help to reduce the burden associated with food allergy and anaphylaxis. Each of the sections also looks forward, highlighting which research gaps should be prioritised and what public health interventions are required to minimise the burden of food allergy and anaphylaxis.

All the chapters in this book represent manuscripts that have been published in the journal Allergy. Wiley has kindly given permission to reproduce these in this book. Supplementary material associated with each of the guidelines chapters can be found as appendices at the end of each chapter. The supplementary material for the other chapters is available online via the EAACI website.

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