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Webinar: Managing risk of recurrence in early breast cancer – what’s on the horizon?

This accredited webinar on 8th April 2021 invites the medical researchers at the forefront of innovation in the early breast cancer field to discuss the current and emerging treatment strategies for early breast cancer, with a focus on breast cancer patients who are at high risk of recurrence. Strategies for stratifying risk of recurrence will be shared, as well as the latest data highlighting the importance for risk stratification. 

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Webinar: Achieving long-term outcome in renal transplantation - what’s on the horizon?

In this accredited webinar on the 18th March 2021, our specialists will discuss where we are with CNI-free immunosuppressant regimes, the current immunosuppressive strategies being used and how predictive tools can help achieve long-term kidney graft survival. Don’t miss out, sign up below.

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