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13th European Lupus Meeting 2022

13th European Lupus Meeting, which will be held in Stockholm October 5th-8th 2022

We have now started the planning for the 13th European Lupus Meeting 2022, which will be held in Stockholm October 5th-8th. The decision to embark on the journey to this congress is both brave and wise. Brave in light of the Covid-19 situation, which makes all planning uncertain and need for a high grade of flexibility among all involved persons and companies on how to actually realize the meeting. Wise, due to the fact that both basic knowledge and clinical understanding of SLE increases rapidly, making it of outmost importance that all involved in research and management of SLE meet to share and learn from each other. This is critical not least for the patients, who expect that we always give the most up to date treatment and care.

Further information

At the moment we are optimistic and believe that we can have a physical meeting in Stockholm 2022. We all long for an opportunity to meet each other for lectures, seminars, symposia, poster sessions, discussions and debates. All activities with the aim to make us better equipped to encounter the many challenges that lies ahead of us. During the meeting we will also have time for social events and opportunities to revive old friendship and make new contacts. We all know that the most brilliant ideas appear when we meet each other face to face in a friendly and open atmosphere.

The venue is Karolinska Institutet, Aula Medica, which is in close vicinity to Karolinska University Hospital and the planning is conducted together with SLEuro. Besides an excellent congress program, our priority will be to respect the safety of all of our participants. We are aware of the ongoing pandemic and will continuously evaluate the best way of carry out the meeting.

For now block October 5th-8th, 2022 in your calendars! We wish you all good health and welcome you to an exciting meeting in Stockholm.