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Cushing's Syndrome Learning Zone


Read time: 175 mins
Cushing’s Syndrome is a rare disease which is the physiological consequence of an excess of cortisol, either released from an endocrine tumour or from exogenous sources.

In this educational resource, you will discover the symptoms of Cushing's syndrome in adults and find a detailed description of the pathophysiology and its resultant impact on morbidity and mortality.

View details from the recent HRA Pharma Rare Disease sponsored symposium at the 2019 European Congress of Endocrinology, which featured prominent speakers Professor Icaopo Chiodini, Dr Richard Feelders and Dr Cornelie D. Andela discussing key issues on important topics such as the need to maintain bone health, reducing thrombosis risk and the need for neurocognitive functioning to be front-of-mind to improve patient quality of life.

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