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Chronic spontaneous urticaria resources include access to Quick Reference Guides, downloadable tools and algorithms to aid with treatment and diagnosis of CSU. Frequently Asked Questions are answered by leading experts including Ana Giménez-Arnau, Christian Vestergaard and Martin Metz. TARGET My Hives mobile application details how physicians can link with their chronic urticaria patients to monitor their progress.

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Associations and societies are able to provide educational support and guidance to healthcare professionals specific to the country or region for which they serve. Further your knowledge of the disease, including the management and treatment options available by clicking the links below or browse the Disease Overview pages.


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Quick Reference Guides

Below are a number of slides created by our expert faculty which give a quick overview and easy reference of various key concepts in CSU diagnosis and management, such as 'Diagnostic algorithm' and 'Chronic urticaria subtypes'.

The following Quick Reference Guides are available to view and download as PDF documents.


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Frequently asked questions focusing on chronic spontaneous urticaria are answered by our faculty. 


Recent additions include questions posed to dietician Josefine Grünhagen, Professor Ana Giménez-Arnau, Associate Professor Emek Kocatürk, Professor Martin Metz, Professor Werner Aberer, Associate Professor Christian Vestergaard, Dr Marta Ferrer and Associate Professor Karoline Krause. Biographies are available here.


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Downloadable Materials

Understanding Urticaria

Understanding Urticaria is a downloadable infographic with key information on many aspects of urticaria, including epidemiology and symptoms information.


Global Urticaria Forum Supplement

Global Urticaria Forum Supplement (2014)

The 'Special Issue: An Overview of the Current Knowledge in Urticaria' has proceedings from the Global Urticaria Forum (November 2014) in Prague, Czech Republic, and can be viewed by following the link below.

Please note this is an external link that will take you away from the CSU Knowledge Centre.

Special Issue: An Overview of the Current Knowledge in Urticaria

This supplement contains proceedings of the Global Urticaria Forum, held in November 2014.

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