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International Summit on Hematology and Blood Disorders 2023

International Summit on Hematology and Blood Disorders April 27th - 29th, 2023 in Orlando, Florida, USA

Magnus Group is pleased to welcome you to join the forthcoming “International Summit on Hematology and Blood Disorders” (Hematology 2023)

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We are delighted to provide both in-person and virtual attendance options for this congress. The hybrid experience will allow attendees to attend sessions in Orlando, Florida, USA or Virtually from home or work during  April 27-29, 2023. Regardless of which option is selected, we are committed to offering a world-class meeting experience.

The conference deliberations will be on the theme “Transfusing Innovations and Exploring Emerging Concepts in Hematology” and it amalgamates researchers, scientists, academicians, healthcare professionals, haematologists, transfusion experts, physicians, nurses, practitioners, clinicians, industry representatives and individuals who are fascinated in sharing their plethora of knowledge and research in all aspects related to haematology and blood disorders whilst highlighting the best practices from different verticals in this field.

The congress will be structured around a series of keynotes sessions, symposiums, workshops, oral and poster presentations in which delegates will have the opportunity to network with and learn from leaders in the academic and corporate medical imaging and clinical research communities throughout the world. The scientific gathering provides an incredible opportunity to a vast array of individuals from the Hematology community to combat the concerns that surround the blood disorders.

Hematological abnormalities are thought to play a role in COVID-19 disease progression. However, the precise relationships between certain blood markers and COVID-19 are unknown. The conference also aims to assess if there are any links between haematological markers and the severity of COVID-19.

We are anticipating a highly thriving and open community in which you will join us and find Hematology 2023 quite engaging and promising for future developments.