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Clinical trial

What is the Tumour Load in the Greater Omentum Distal From the Gastro-epiploic Vessels in Patients With Potentially Curative Gastric Cancer? (OMEGA)

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Last updated:28th Jan 2014

In patients with gastric cancer, traditionally a complete omentectomy is performed as part of a radical gastrectomy with a modified D2 lymph node dissection. The omentectomy increases operation time significantly, especially in laparoscopic procedures. Patients remain more vulnerable for peritoneal infections and intestinal adhesions following omentectomy. Furthermore one can debate whether a complete omentectomy is indicated from an oncologic viewpoint. In the present study we prospectively evaluated the presence of tumor load in the greater omentum of patients with potentially curative gastric cancer.

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Study start date 2014-01-28

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