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Clinical trial

Training Study to Characterize Biomarkers to Flu Vaccines

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Last updated:15th Jan 2013
It is thought that vaccines trigger innate inflammatory responses to induce antigen-specific adaptive immunity (the desired effect), but excessive inflammation may lead to serious inflammatory complications or unwanted side effects. Currently there is a lack of reliable biomarkers (a measurable biological response that predicts something) able to predict severe inflammation and this has resulted in the development of several vaccines being terminated and the withdrawal of some licensed vaccines which were associated with inflammatory complications. This study is part of the BIOVACSAFE project which is a 5-year 30 million Euro project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative. The project involves a series of clinical studies using licensed vaccines as benchmarks to generate clinical data on inflammation and identify biomarkers that can be used to predict acceptable reactogenicity. The target is to identify biomarkers that can predict the occurrence of beneficial and detrimental effects in response to a vaccine. Such biomarkers could be used in future vaccine development programs to optimise selection of vaccine candidates with a profile that will be unlikely to generate worrisome safety signals once they are in generalised use.
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Study start date 2013-01-15

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