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Clinical trial

The Impact Of Periodontal Disease Treatment On The General Health Status In Chronic Haemodialyzed Patients (PAROHEM)

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Last updated:29th Jan 2013
Several studies revealed a direct relationship between the severity of periodontal inflammation and CRP (NHANES III, Dumitriu HT et al, 1998). In patients without any other source of inflammation but PDD, proper dental treatment of the disease decreased CRP to normal levels (Dumitriu H.T. et al., 1998; D'Aiuto F. et al, 2004; Borawski J. et al., 2007) Moreover, a direct link between high levels of CRP and atherosclerotic complications has been found in studies conducted both in general population (Ridker PM, et al., 1998; Koenig W, et al., 1999) and in HD subjects (Westhuyzen J, et al., 2000; Iseki K., et al., 1999; Zimmermann J, et al. 1998).
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Study start date 2013-01-29

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