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Clinical trial

Relapse prevention in children and adolescents with DSM-IV-TR conduct disorder treated with risperidone: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled discontinuation study.

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Last updated:9th Nov 2012
The primary objective is to test the hypothesis that, after at least 16 weeks of daily administration (4 for titration, 12 of relatively stable dose, 4 of which at fixed doses; Study Period 1), risperidone given orally at a dose of 0.25-3.0 mg/day depending on body weight (equivalent to approximately 0.01-0.04 mg/kg/day is superior to placebo in preventing relapse of the symptoms of conduct disorder as assessed through a 12 week double-blind discontinuation trial (Study Period 2) of children and adolescents with conduct disorder and no developmental delay/mental retardation. This will be measured by comparing the mean change from the double-blind baseline to endpoint in the Nisonger Child Behaviour Rating Form Typical IQ version-ODD/CD disruptive behaviour composite total score (Aman et al., 2008) using all investigator ratings, based on all available information.
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Study start date 2012-11-09

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