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Phase I Study Evaluating the Treatment of Patients With Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer With Carbon Ion Radiotherapy: The PHOENIX-01 Trial

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Last updated:18th Feb 2013
The physical and biological properties of the carbon ion beam promise to improve the therapeutic ratio in patients with pancreatic cancer: Due to the inverted dose profile dose deposition in the entry channel of the beam leads to sparing of normal tissue; the Bragg peak can be directed into the defined target volume, and the sharp dose fall-off thereafter again spares normal tissue behind the target volume. The higher RBE of carbon ions, which has been shown also for pancreatic cancer cell lines in the preclinical setting, is likely to contribute to an increase in local control, and perhaps in OS. Early data from Japanese centers have shown convincing results. The PHOENIX-01 trial is the first trial to evaluate actively delivered carbon ion beams in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer within a dose-escalation strategy.
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Study start date 2013-02-18

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