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Clinical trial

Pedometer Based Intervention After Total Hip Replacement-A Pilot Study

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Last updated:16th Oct 2013
Total hip replacement is designed to alleviate pain, reduce disability and improve function and physical activity levels. Whilst pain, disability and function are often measured following surgery, actual physical activity is not. The aim of rehabilitation after total hip replacement would be to obtain optimal strength and range of movement at the hip along with cumulative endurance and balance. It is taken for granted that, once function is restored, the patient returns to physical activity levels associated with good health. In a previous study conducted by the same team it was observed that patients, at the end of 3 months after hip surgery, do not reach the levels of physical activity which are proven to be beneficial for health. Physiotherapy plays an important role in improving function and increasing levels of Physical activity in total hip replacement patients, but there is limited literature to substantiate this claim. There is a need to enhance levels of physical activity in patient after total hip replacement towards levels that are associated with good health. This study aims to demonstrate a method of enhancing physical activity levels after total hip replacement using a pedometer based intervention over a period of 3 months. Patients will follow a customized progressive stepping activity schedule aimed at establishing levels of physical activity that are associated with good health. To fully understand recovery patterns subjective and objective measures of strength of the hip muscles, range of motion at the hip, overall endurance, balance and speed of walking of the patient will be assessed. Questionnaires will be utilized to assess quality of life both before and after total hip surgery. The physical activity levels of the patient will be measured with a physical activity monitor. This study will be completed at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital at Glasgow.
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Study start date 2013-10-16

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