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Patient-centred Integrated Palliative Care Pathways in Advanced Cancer and Chronic Disease (InSup-C)

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Last updated:2nd Jun 2014

Rationale: Palliative care integration in treatment pathways, palliative care networks and institutional collaborations in health services delivery seems a promising approach reducing fragmentation and discontinuity. Integrated Palliative Care (IPC) approaches in Europe are largely unknown and under-investigated. The investigators aim is to explore experiences of patients with advanced cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), family and professional caregivers within with IPC. This includes perceived quality of life, quality of care, burden/rewards of care giving, symptoms and collaboration between caregivers in the patient's care network.

Objectives: To investigate how patients with advanced cancer, COPD and CHF, their family and professional caregivers within a selection of IPC initiatives in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands and United Kingdom experience care delivery in the last phase of disease.

  • To investigate what opinions patients and family caregivers have on the (continuity and) quality of care delivered
  • To investigate how patients rate their symptoms and quality of life
  • To investigate how family caregivers rate their burden / rewards of care giving
  • To investigate how the care network of the patient is organised with respect to the type, properties and quality of relationships between patients and family / professional caregivers

Study design: Longitudinal multiple embedded case study.

Study population: Adult patients with advanced cancer, COPD, and CHF under the care of IPC initiatives in five participating countries, their family and professional caregivers. The investigators aim to enroll up to 288 patients, 288 family caregivers and 192 professional caregivers in total.

Study parameters: Experiences with IPC initiatives, quality of care, quality of life, perceived symptoms, perceived collaboration between professional caregivers, burden and rewards of care giving.

Methods: Semi-structured interviews, patient diary, Social Network Analysis and the following questionnaires: Palliative care Outcome Scale; Canhelp Lite, Caregiver Reaction Assessment. Patients and family caregivers will be followed over 3 months at 4 consecutive contact points. The diary (containing two questions) will be kept weekly by patients. There will be group or individual interviews with professional caregivers.

Analysis: The overall analysis will involve a synthesis of the qualitative and quantitative data. For more information see Detailed Description.

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Study start date 2014-06-02

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