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Clinical trial

Observational Prospectif Monocentric Registry of Patients Suffering From VIE (REMOTEV)

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Last updated:3rd Jul 2014

Patients with an episode of VTE (DVT and / or PE) have a mortality rate of 16-21% at 1 year after diagnosis. Morbidity associated with VTE is marked by the risk of recurrence, estimated at 30% and estimated at 29% after 8 years of follow post-thrombotic syndrome. For a number of these patients, risk factors have been identified (congenital or acquired thrombophilia, cancer, postpartum, surgery, prolonged immobilization, etc..). In 25-50% of cases, the etiology remains unknown, justifying the need for well-conducted studies to determine other potential risk factors. In addition, the expansion of treatment options with the arrival on the market of new direct oral anticoagulants, allows comparative studies on the effectiveness and frequency of adverse events for each treatment.

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Study start date 2014-07-03

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