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Clinical trial

MetfoRmin and Its Effects on Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Normotensive Patients With Coronary Artery Disease (MET-REMODEL)

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Last updated:18th Aug 2014

Thickening of the heart muscle (left ventricle) known medically as Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) is very common in patients with heart disease. This increases risk of cerebrovascular/cardiovascular event.

LVH is asymptomatic and managed by the use of medication to control blood pressure, however LVH may be seen in normotensive patients where factors such as obesity and insulin resistance are present.

Insulin resistance is a condition where although the body produces insulin it is unable to utilize it effectively. Metformin, a drug used to treat diabetes, can reduce insulin resistance and cause weight loss, it may therefore improve LVH. This study will investigate the ability of metformin to reduce LVH in patients with heart disease, this may be a novel way forward in the risk reduction of cerebrovascular/cardiovascular events. Participants will be identified throughout NHS Tayside, those eligible will be randomly allocated to either metformin or a dummy medication (placebo) and will receive one year of treatment. At the beginning of the study, the thickness of the heart muscle will be measured by ultrasound scan and cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (cMRI). We will also perform non-invasive tests to measure blood vessel function. These tests will be repeated after one year. At the end of the study, we will investigate the difference between placebo treatment and metformin treatment.

This study is funded by the British Heart Foundation.

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Study start date 2014-08-18

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