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Clinical trial

Intranasal Sufentanil at ED Admission for Severe Traumatic Pain, Versus IV Morphine : Difference in Pain-relief Delay. (SUFENTA)

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Last updated:20th Sep 2013
Non-invasive and simple, intranasal (IN) route of administration seems promising for pain management in the Emergency Department (ED), especially when used precociously by triage nurse to rapidly deliver the first opioid dose to severely painful patients. This randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study will focus on severe traumatic pain experienced by adults admitted in our ED. We hypothesized that, in addition to traditional morphine titration, a single dose of IN sufentanil given at triage would significantly increase the proportion of patients relieved 30 minutes after their ED admission. Time to discharge, proportion of side effects and satisfaction rates will also be recorded.
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Study start date 2013-09-20

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