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Clinical trial

Innovative MRI Techniques to Improve Treatment Stratification of Patients With Esophageal Cancer (IMPROVE)

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Last updated:4th Sep 2014

The current standard treatment of resectable esophageal cancer consists of neoadjuvant chemoradiation followed by resection. However, some patients develop recurrent disease despite chemoradiation and additional (systemic) treatment might have been indicated. Other patients show a (nearly) complete response after chemoradiation and could possibly have been treated with a less extensive treatment regimen. In patients without a threatened circumferential resection margin (CRM) and lymph node metastases chemoradiotherapy could possibly be omitted.

Better stratification of patients with esophageal cancer is therefore urgently needed. Functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques (MRI) can provide in vivo, quantitative information on tumor biology and may prove to be a useful non-invasive tool for this purpose. In this project, ultra-small superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide (USPIO) enhanced MRI using ferumoxytol (Rienso®), diffusion weighted MRI (DWI) and T2* MRI will be developed, both in terms of improvement of acquisition and data processing techniques.

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Study start date 2014-09-04

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