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Clinical trial

Improving Glycaemic Control With L-carnitine

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Last updated:18th Jul 2014

A characteristic of Type 2 diabetes is a high blood glucose level, which is partly caused by the inability of insulin to stimulate glucose uptake into our muscles (insulin resistance). Insulin resistance can be caused by the accumulation of fat within muscle of overweight individuals. The aim of the present research is to test whether a novel nutritional intervention containing L-carnitine can increase the amount of carnitine within muscle of individuals recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Carnitine is essential for 'burning fat' within our muscles and it is hoped that increasing the amount of carnitine within muscle can increase fat burning, lower muscle fat, reverse insulin resistance and ultimately lower blood glucose levels and wellbeing. We also aim to investigate the cellular mechanisms underlying any observed effects in a hope to identify further targets to lower muscle fat.

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Study start date 2014-07-18

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