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Clinical trial

Improved Screening for Osteoporosis (ADOV)

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Last updated:17th Feb 2014

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by skeletal fragility due to decreased bone mass and deterioration of bone microarchitecture , leading to increased fracture risk for low trauma, such as spinal fractures or femoral neck .

It is estimated that 3 million people are living in France , particularly women , with an incidence that increases with age .

This disease is a major public health issue in terms of morbidity and mortality , costs and risk of recurrence (after a first fracture episode) , including risk factors are identified.

However, although bone densitometry is a reliable diagnostic tool and preventive treatments are at our disposal, screening for osteoporosis is still insufficient .

The objective of our study is to improve the detection of osteoporosis in Hospital Departmental Vendee , using a simple questionnaire seeking risk factors followed by bone densitometry or if risk factors are found. Based on the results , the patient will be sent in rheumatology consultation for implementation of treatment if necessary .

Therefore included women hospitalized in medical services , gynecology and orthopedics Hospital Departmental Vendee , aged 50 to 80 years. Will not be included women who could answer a simple questionnaire and those previously treated for osteoporosis or have already received a bone density there is less than 3 years old .

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Study start date 2014-02-17

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