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Clinical trial

Hypoxic Training in Obese Patients (HYPOBESE)

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Last updated:10th Sep 2014

By analyzing energetic and biomechanical basis of walking, and the subsequent changes induced by hypoxic vs normoxic training in obese individuals, it may optimize the use of walking in hypoxia to gain perspective for exercise prescription to set up training programs that aim to induce negative energy balance and to deal with weight management. However to the investigators knowledge, the analysis of changes in mechanics, energetics and efficiency of walking after continuous hypoxic training (CHT) has not been performed yet.

The aims of the present study were:

  1. Comparing the changes in body composition between continuous hypoxic training (CHT) and similar training in normoxia; e.g. continuous normoxic training (CNT) in obese subjects.
  2. Comparing the metabolic and energetics adaptations to CHT vs CNT.
  3. Finally, comparing the associated body?loss induced gait modification since walking intensity at spontaneous walking speed (Ss) is lower in CHT than in CNT.
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Study start date 2014-09-10

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