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Clinical trial

Hypnotherapy in Patients With Chest Pain & Unobstructed Coronaries

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Last updated:22nd Mar 2012
This study will investigate whether clinical hypnotherapy can effectively treat chest pain symptoms, improve emotional wellbeing and quality of life in postmenopausal women with chest pain and coronary arteries without any narrowings. The diagnosis of chest pain with 'normal' coronary arteries is found in 25% of patients undergoing investigation of chest pain using coronary angiography (when dye is injected into the coronary arteries whilst xray pictures are taken), and the majority of these patients are postmenopausal women. Often there is no obvious physical cause. Despite symptoms being treated using conventional drugs, and life expectancy is not affected, many patients continue to suffer from debilitating chest pain symptoms, frequently resulting in visits to hospital, increased psychological illness and poor quality of life. The investigators are interested in finding ways of improving not only chest pain symptoms but also psychological wellbeing and quality of life in these patients. Previous studies of ours have found improvement in these patients after taking part in a support group, and using a relaxation technique called Autogenic training. Recently the investigators conducted a pilot study which showed a favourable effect of hypnotherapy on physical ability, well-being and quality of life. The investigators would now like to extend this study, performing a larger randomised, controlled trial. The investigators hypothesise that hypnotherapy will beneficially affect symptoms and quality of life in patients with cardiac Syndrome X.
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Study start date 2012-03-22

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