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Clinical trial

Genetic Susceptibility to Tumor Recurrence and Progression in Patients With Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

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Last updated:19th Dec 2007
The purpose of the study is to see if we will be more able to tell what the risk is for bladder cancer to reoccur or worsen when genetics and risk factors are examined along with the stage and grade of the tumor. Superficial bladder cancer is a cancer that does not grow into the muscle layer of the bladder wall. Even though it is a superficial cancer, this type of cancer tends to come back after being treated and is often more aggressive when it returns. We already know, that the "stage" or how deeply the tumor grows into the bladder wall and the "grade" or how fast the tumor grows affect whether the tumor will come back or get worse over time. Now we use information about the stage and grade of your tumor to decide how to treat the tumor and how often you should be checked after the treatment is over. However, this has not been very reliable, because each person has unique genetic characteristics and other factors that are likely to affect what happens to the tumor over time. For instance, we know the risk for developing a cancer may be affected by your surroundings and other factors such as what you eat, the type of habits you have such as smoking, and the type of job you have, but not everyone exposed to the same risk factors gets a cancer. We believe this is due to unique genetic characteristics in each person which may help their body fight cancer.
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Study start date 2007-12-19

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