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Clinical trial

Gene Expression in the Overactive Bladder in Children

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Last updated:6th Mar 2014
The aim of this study (the hypothesis) is to identify differences in the gene expression profile in the bladder muscle and hereby gain greater knowledge about the muscular mechanisms that cause overactive bladder and daytime urinary incontinence in children older than 5 years. A secondary aim is to examine how this gene expression profile differs from children with a neurogenic overactive bladder and how the gene expression profile changes from childhood till adulthood. Such new knowledge will result in a more precisely targeted and hence effective treatment of overactive bladder. The results will be obtained by retrieving bladder biopsies from children and adults suffering from an overactive bladder or a neurogenic bladder. These biopsies will undergo molecular analysis and the investigators will compare them with biopises from bladder healthy adults and children.
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Study start date 2014-03-06

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