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Clinical trial

FREnch Survey on Heart Failure (FRESH)

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Last updated:27th Sep 2013
Heart failure is the most common heart disease with increasing incidence due to the aging of the population is improving the initial prognosis of various conditions that lead to more or less progressive heart failure. Heart failure is of great variety of clinical and pathophysiological forms necessitating the creation of quality records to clarify each of these forms. Many types of cardiomyopathies exist, some of which are infrequent but with specific care. At the French level, few data exist. In addition, the therapeutic management changes regularly. New European recommendations (endorsed by the French Society of Cardiology = FSC) were published in May 2012. Many therapeutic approaches are being evaluated. The course of care and how to take non-drug load (network monitoring, rehabilitation ...) have become important issues that have hardly been analyzed by existing records. This also leads to better define the different forms of this disease, their natural history and methods of management applied in real life. The register of FSC follows the registry of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)"Heart Failure (HF) Long Term" (CCTIRS No. 11.355bis) with inclusions will be completed in November 2012. This new study aims to generate more accurate data on a number of points and be more representative for a wider selection of patients, the French level.
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Study start date 2013-09-27

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