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Clinical trial

Evaluation of Locomotor Activity Before and After Total Hip Replacement in Patients With Hip Osteoarthritis.

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Last updated:17th Jan 2014

The investigators believe that the application of non-linear methods of analysis using the ganglion and neural network technique will make it possible to analyse all of the complex data obtained in patients with hip osteoarthritis before and then after total hip replacement, and should allow us to identify a combination of objective variables to classify the surgery as " successful " or " unsuccessful ".

To this end, the study will take place as follows:

Step 1: Screening, and inclusion. Step 2: Evaluation of the hip osteoarthritis and analysis of locomotor activity Step 3: Total hip replacement Step 4: Clinical evaluation of locomotor activity carried out between 6 months and 1 year after the THR Step 5: Data analysis

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Study start date 2014-01-17

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