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Clinical trial

Efficacy and Safety of the LovenoxTM (Enoxaparin) Versus HeparinTM for Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Gynecologic Oncology Patients

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Last updated:19th Mar 2011
Prophylactic treatment will start from surgery until the patients are discharged from the hospital(18). Then each patient will have 2 follow up visit in gyne- oncology clinic. The first visit will be 2 weeks from discharge & the second visit will be 3 months after surgery. In each visit patient will be evaluated for any evidence of thrombo-embolic events clinically & radiologically if needed ( spiral CT, V/Q scan & lower limp Doppler ). Any side effect or adverse reaction will be reported & it will be evaluated if it is related to the drug used or not.
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Study start date 2011-03-19

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