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Clinical trial

Efficacy and Physiology of Nasal High Flow Therapy

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Last updated:7th Mar 2014

The effects of a nasal high-flow (NHF) therapy in patients with chronic obstructive hypercapnic respiratory failure are still not sufficiently known yet.

The aim of this study is a step-by-step generation of physiological data about gas exchange and respiration under high flow therapy using a nasal cannula with an AIRVO 2 device to provide NHF, leading to an analysis of the effects of high flow on PCO2 levels, exercise capacity, quality of life and gas exchange in a long term home treatment compared to a standard low flow long term oxygen therapy (LOT).

Hypothesis: NHF and LOT therapy show differences in measured mean overnight transcutaneous carbon dioxide partial pressure (PCO2) after four weeks of treatment.

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Study start date 2014-03-07

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