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Clinical trial

Contribution of High Resolution EEG Functional Connectivity Measures to Presurgical Evaluation of Patients With Intractable Epilepsy (conneXion)

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Last updated:28th Nov 2012
Electroencephalography (EEG) with very high spatial resolution (HR-EEG, 256 electrodes) allow for better analysis of local and global activity of the cerebral cortex, as compared with conventional EEG. Since January 2012, the Neurology Department of CHU Rennes is the first clinical service in France equipped with such a system. Applied to HR-EEG recordings, brain connectivity methods are likely to provide essential information (in the form of "connectivity graphs") on cortical networks, either dysfunctional or not, involved in the generation of interictal paroxysms (like spikes or spike-waves) and during seizures. So far, many methods have been proposed (see for a review: Wendling et al., 2009; Wendling et al., 2010). However, since each method is highly sensitive to the type of model that is assumed for the underlying relationship between distinct brain regions (Ansari-Asl et al., 2006), none of them has yet demonstrated its effectiveness.
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Study start date 2012-11-28

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