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Clinical trial

Assessment of Bone Marrow-derived Cellular Therapy in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (ACTiMuS)

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Last updated:19th Mar 2013
The investigators recently completed one of the first feasibility/safety trials in the world of reparative bone marrow cell therapy in 6 patients with longstanding MS ( Safety was confirmed, and intensive repeated tests on the patients measuring nerve conduction in various pathways in the brain and in the spinal cord showed statistically significant improvements at 12 months in every patient. While highly preliminary and involving only a very small number of patients, these results at least raise the possibility of a significant (though very partial) underlying repair effect within the damaged nervous system. The investigators believe this urgently requires further testing - both to accelerate benefit for patients, and to begin improving therapeutic efficacy. The investigators therefore propose a programme of translational and clinical stem cell research, aiming (1) to continue translation with a phase two controlled trial of bone marrow cells in patients with longstanding MS? and (2) to explore in parallel the potential mechanisms of action, by studying bone marrow cells from treated patients and control subjects, aiming to establish which of the various relevant bone marrow subpopulations contribute to efficacy, and which particular reparative mechanism(s) are important. The investigators hope these studies will not only confirm the therapeutic benefit of this approach, but also provide the basis for improving the magnitude and impact of this novel and exciting treatment modality.
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Study start date 2013-03-19

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