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Clinical trial

Adjuvanting Viral Vectored Malaria Vaccines With Matrix M

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Last updated:14th Aug 2012
ChAd63 METRAP and MVA METRAP are investigational vaccines for malaria which have been studied in clinical trials for 4 years, and 10 years, respectively. These vaccines are inactivated viruses which have been modified so that they cannot reproduce in humans. Genetic information has been added to make them express proteins of the malaria parasite so that they stimulate an immune response against malaria. This trial examines whether a compound called Matrix M� can be used in efforts to improve on how well the vaccines work at preventing malaria. Matrix M� is a vaccine adjuvant, a compound used to improve the immune responses to vaccines. In this trial, Matrix M� will be combined with each of the vaccines. The objectives are to assess the safety of the vaccines when combined with Matrix M�, and to determine what effect Matrix M� has on the immune responses to the vaccines.
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Study start date 2012-08-14

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