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Clinical trial

A Pilot Study Into Health Pre and Post Treatment With Intravenous Aminophylline and Hydrocortisone in Severe Asthmatics (SARAH)

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Last updated:6th Oct 2014

This study focuses on severe asthmatics and their asthma symptoms. 40% of asthma patients continue to experience symptoms and up to 5% of these have difficult-to-control asthma despite continually improving treatments. Severe asthmatics experience clinically-significant worse health-related quality of life than those than those with less severe asthma. Poorer health-related quality of life can be as a consequence of frequent, severe symptoms, which prevent the patient from continuing a normal, active lifestyle. The Royal Brompton Hospital uses the treatment regimen of intravenous (IV) Aminophylline and IV Hydrocortisone which appears to improve symptoms and reduce exacerbations. At present there is anecdotal evidence to support these assumptions. The objective of this study is to determine whether there is any objective evidence of improvement, in particular looking at lung function, symptoms and cardiovascular function.

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Study start date 2014-10-06

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