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Clinical trial

A feasibility study of Multimodal Exercise/Nutrition/Anti-inflammatory treatment for Cachexia � the pre-MENAC study

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Last updated:4th Oct 2011
Is a multimodal intervention for cancer cacheixa feasible? Specific indiviudal treatments such as exercise, nutritional advice, dietary supplements and anti-inflammatory medications have been shown to be beneficial in isolation in the treatment of cancer cachexia. It is hypothesized that combining all of these as a "multimodal intervention" may be beneficial. Before a definitive study is conducted to assess this, it is important that the feasibility of delivering such an intervention is assessed - which is the purpose of the proposed study. The feasibility will be assessed by: Enrolment rate, Compliance with study intervention, study procedures and data collection, Contamination-rate in the control group with respect to any of the interventions in the intervention group, and Provide an estimate of the sample size required in futures studies in cachexia.
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Study start date 2011-10-04

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